Project Development

The Watergate Centre Project started in December 2021 when Beacon Church acquired this disused retail building in the centre of Whitchurch.

The vision is to transform this building into, not only a home for Beacon Church, but also a building that can be use by the whole community and to bring services into Whitchurch that currently aren't available.

To achieve this many volunteers and professional tradesmen are involved in this venture with funds coming from the church, local supporters, local and national grants.
We are grateful to Benefact Trust, Twemlows Community Fund and others who wish to remain anonymous. 

Setting aside the building cost itself, the estimated cost to refurbish the building is approximately £300,000 to £400,000
Over £100,000 has already been spent on the ground floor refurbishments with another £50,000 needed to complete kitchen, accessible wet room and foyer.
The first floor which will mainly give facilities for youth and young people along with meeting rooms, requires new accessible lift and staircase  before any usage can be started.
To install the lift, staircase and other upstairs works will cost in the order of £150,000 to £200,000

Please help us achieve our goals and turn this building into a centre that serves well the town of Whitchurch.
You can donate through our Stewardship Giving Platform here or through PayPal Giving Fund here

Thank You.

New Windows and Sliding Doors Being Installed

Preparation For New Rendered Front

New Solar Power Installation

Upstairs - our vision for a 'Youth Zone'
Yet to be started -Lift & Stairs Access Needed